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The CloudMigrator Knowledgebase contains installation information and setup guides for the Desktop Version of CloudMigrator. Setup guides for the Web Version can be found at Minitoo GYMZ692 Womens Wedge Flowers Satin Evening Party Prom Bridal Wedding Shoes Pumps Sandals Flatfs White9cm Heel uuK41nX7l
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Interview data from both schools were transcribed and then coded using the coding categories displayed in Appendix B . After reading all transcripts and seeing that some new themes were needed to represent what these children said, the researchers added the items marked with asterisks as thematic categories. Each question’s response was coded separately. If a child’s response addressed a general coding category more than once within a question (e.g., answering the question, “What do you learn at school?” with “I learn math, reading, writing, and about math”), it was counted only once in that category. However, if the child gave specific information about what was learned (e.g., “I learn how to count, how to add numbers, and how to subtract”), each response was counted (i.e., “3” for the math category).

Two independent coders reviewed children’s interviews or autophotography choices. They reached 92% agreement when coding the “A” school interviews and 91% agreement when coding the “A” school photographs. Two different independent coders reached 97% agreement when coding the “F” school interviews and 98% agreement when coding the “F” school photographs. A third independent coder coded those interviews or photographs on which the coders had disagreed. New rules were generated from the first two coders’ discussions following their comparisons. In Getmorebeauty Women Block Mary Janes TStrappy Lace Dress Wedding Shoes Ivory 7md71hBxYw
, if only a bolded theme is shown, that bolded theme also was used as a coding category. If a bolded theme also encompassed unbolded categories, the unbolded categories were also used for coding, with totals for the unbolded coding categories added together to obtain a total for the bolded theme. For example, the bolded theme “Behavior Management” was used as both a coding category and as a theme, but the theme “Food” was not. Because the unbolded coding categories of Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack were under the bolded theme “Food,” for example, the totals for those three unbolded categories were added together to obtain a total for the theme of “Food.” These theme totals were used for the data analyses.

Four thematic categories were used for the children’s autophotography—Teachers, Friends, Places, or Things. In cases where two were named (e.g., Teachers and Friends), the total percentage was divided between those two theme categories.

Our first research question was “Does the prevalence of themes represented in interviews with children differ by the child’s age or by the school’s “grade” (i.e., an “A” school or an “F” school)?” Analyses of Variance (ANOVAs) were computed on the percentage of each theme that was represented in children’s interviews with school (“A” versus “F”) and grade group (younger or older grade group) as between-subject factors. Table 1 shows percentage of talk by theme for each grade group and each school. In the column with results of statistical analyses, “GG” signifies a significant main effect of grade group, “S” signifies a significant main effect of school, and “GG x S” signifies a significant interaction between grade group and school. As Table 1 shows, a significant interaction was found between grade group and school for the percentage of talk about core academics, F (1, 137) = 21.78, p < .001, and the percentage of talk about teachers, F (1, 137) = 10.29, p = .002. Both ANOVAs also revealed significant main effects of grade group and school (all p s < .01).

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