AN Aamp;N Womens Boots ClosedToe NoClosure AnkleStrap LowHeel Warm Lining Rubber NotWaterResistant Road polypropylene Boots DKU01892 Yellow YeEnJxj4T

AN A&N Womens Boots Closed-Toe No-Closure Ankle-Strap Low-Heel Warm Lining Rubber Not_Water_Resistant Road polypropylene Boots DKU01892 Yellow YeEnJxj4T
  • Outer Material: Suede
  • Inner Material: Manmade
  • Sole: Gum Rubber
  • Closure: no-closure
  • Heel Height: 1.4 inches
  • Heel Type: low-heel
  • Shoe Width: Normal
AN A&N Womens Boots Closed-Toe No-Closure Ankle-Strap Low-Heel Warm Lining Rubber Not_Water_Resistant Road polypropylene Boots DKU01892 Yellow YeEnJxj4T
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Backbone Models contain data that we use to render the page - in the case of a coach report, for example, this might be data about each student.

Backbone Collections are groups of Models - so you might have a Collection where each model represents the progress data for an individual student.

The Views define how this data is displayed in the browser, and also defines responses to user interaction to the current display.

Most Views also have an associated Handlebars template, which defines the HTML and how the data passed into the template is displayed in the rendered View.

Often the data contained in a Backbone Model can change while the user is still on the same page (for example, a student’s total points can change while they are interacting with an exercise, so we want their displayed points to update whenever the ‘points’ attribute of the model updates too).

Here is an example of a Backbone View in KA Lite that does just that:

The initialize method is called whenever a new instance of TotalPointView is instantiated (by calling e.g. my_total_point_view = new TotalPointView({model: model}) ). There are several arguments that will automatically get set on the view if passed in to the constructor, model is one of them. See the Backbone.js for more details.

_.bindAll(this); is included in many initialize methods we use, this helps to ensure that whenever a View method is called, then the this variable inside each method always refers to the view itself - without this, especially when methods are called due to being bound to events, the this variable can refer to something completely different.

this.listenTo(this.model, "change:points", this.render); is an example of such an event binding. Here, the view is being told that whenever its model fires the event “change:points”, then it should call its own render method ( this.render ). Backbone models fire “change” events whenever one of their attributes changes, and also a specific event like “change:points”, which would only fire when the ‘points’ attribute of the model changes.

Finally this.render(); calls the render method of the view. This method is generally reserved for creating and modifying DOM elements that we will insert into the page.

Inside the render function var points = this.model.get("points"); locally defines the points - as you can see from this example, to access the attributes of a Backbone Model, the get("<attribute>") method is used.

The content to be rendered into the DOM in this instance is so simple that a Handlebars template is not used. Rather message = sprintf(gettext("Points: %(points)d "), { points : points }); simply fills in the %(points)d with the ‘points’ attribute of the second argument of sprintf . See the sprintf docs for more information.

Do you mind if I quote a couple of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your site? My blog site is in the very same area of interest as yours and my users would definitely benefit from some of the information you provide here. Please let me know if this alright with you. Appreciate it!

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I have to confess that I don’t have time to click through every Pin every time before repinning it to a well-named board so that I can find it later when I want it. But I do try to correct everything I can. If I come across one that’s not attributed properly, I will track it down and edit it. (I’ve been known to leave the link as a comment on someone else’s Pin, too.) And I edit out things that unnecessarily give too much information. With a recipe, for instance, it’s helpful to have all of the ingredients in a description so you know if you have the ingredients on hand to make it. But you don’t need the AMOUNTS – you can click through to the recipe when you’re ready to prepare it.

Arthur Casey says

Hello Melissa,

I totally agree with all your points about re-pinning on Pinterest – i always take the time to check the website of a pin and this has made a big difference to my Pinterest .

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So glad you brought this subject to light. Thank you!

Womens Slipper Fashion Flat Slippers Summer Korean Wear Nonslip Sandals Flat SandalsFashion sandals Color C Size 40 B XjmZFIn

Food pictures on Pinterest can be disappointing. I have repinned pictures of promised recipes that I’m excited to make for dinner only to find out the link goes to a picture…no recipe, just a picture of what I want to make. How disappointing!

Worse, that picture has been repinned thousands of times by other people who have also not checked out the link before pinnning.

Now, I always make sure there is a recipe behind the pin so I’m not stuck with just a picture 30 minutes before dinner!

Bellaisa, you can always try googling the name of the recipe. Most of the time that has worked for me. The recipe is probably from allrecipes or some common website like that. Or you could do a reverse image search (save the image from the pin and drag it into the search bar in Google images) to find the original source.

I have just noticed that there are a lot of what seem like fake pinterest accounts who repin other people’s content – mostly craft diy stuff, but they change the link to go to a tumblr feed that doesn’t have that image on it. I realized that I had repinned a lot of these pins and have tried to go and delete them or find the original source. Definitely ruins the fun of Pinterest. I’ve been reporting the accounts I find who do this. I’ve found these accounts are all part of many group boards and then will have a couple of their own boards at the bottom that are all pins that link to tumblr, but with images from other blogs and such. It’s a shame. Check the source before you repin!

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